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Originally Posted by Zodiac. View Post
Here's one of my maps, Route 1 of Pokémon Carbon.

Its an ok first route although I don't like all the square shapes of it. The path at the top should just be one path not split I recommend keeping the lower half. Secondly a lot of your grass is very square-like and you should try to make it be more closer to the trees and make it more longer so that it looks like it is the end of the tree line. I like the idea of having the area elevate in the last quarter of the map but I'd recommend making it two different staircases having one go up one level and another go up two. Finally with that mountain on the right you could change that to become another exit to the route and have a strength boulder block it.

Overall this map is pretty generic for first route maps to a game. The main thing you should focus on is that unless if your hometown is big this route should look like it hasn't been touched by mankind. 7.2/10

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