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    Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
    Wow, I really like the new menu and message system.

    About your mapping, I got a few questions for you:
    Why is there lava in Littleroot town?
    Why did you remove the ledges from the first route?

    There's not really much else to say, it's nice to see a Emerald remake, even though I'd rather see a completely new game with all these awesome features.
    I'm not sure if I'm honest, I just ended up mapping like that XD. And even though it's an Emerald remake, it's still got a new region. I was just lazy creating a new story for it until I had any of the work made for the region first.

    Anyways, I've mainly been working on tiles mapping and other peoples games so finally got enough motivation to get some proper work done to the game. The Atakai region finally has maps! Took me long enough, but they're here at last. I'll have to warn you first, the maps are still in very heavy work in progress, with tiles missing and a lot of mapping errors which I've fixed, just not changed the upload screen yet. Anyways, I need to stop rambling on about them and show what people would expect to see. (Warning! Very big map)
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