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    Suddenly I got a message from Torrent's Gardevoir telepathically it told me that trainer had Mesprit. "ok, Flygon! use Flamethrower!" The trainer looked back and within seconds was shooting to the ground and crashed. I came to the impact point, the trainer was unconcious and hist Skarmory was fainted. I grabbed his pokeball belt. I saw one pokeball shaking frantically but then it just stopped. I grabbed it and dropped the belt.

    "Ok Mespirit go!" Mespirit came out of the pokeball and then just looked up. I looked up and Archie was there on a Pelipeer. He laughed and then had Pelipeer use Thunderbolt. Mespirit had been electrocuted and Archie came down. Flygon use Dragon Claw and hit Pelipeer who crashed down but Archie jumped down and had the Lustrous Orb on him. He held it out towards Mespirit I jumped at him and pinned him on the ground.

    He then smirked and threw the Lustrous Orb at Mespirit. Mespirit screeched and then stopped, I lost grip of Archie who darted and caught the Lustrous Orb. Mespirit stopped moving and its Gems turned Pink similar to the Lustrous Orb, it then started floating towards Lake Verity, I knew I couldn't do anything, "Now it's up to Maxie to finish Azelf".

    I quickly punched Archie in his Diaphragm he spluttered and then fell to the ground. I jumped on Flygon and flew towards Lake Valor and then abruptly Maxie appeared above me on a Volcarona. He had Volcarona use Fire Blast on me I dodgeb but this Volcarona was not likely to miss again. "Flygon! return!" Flygon returned to its pokeball and I began to fall. "Klinklang lets go!" Klinklang landed hovering just above the ground, I landed on it and it then shot quickly towards Lake Valor. I couldn't see Maxie anymore, I had to beat him to Lake Valor...

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