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Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
mmhmm. c:
I see art on PC that's beyond anything I will ever be able to do, so I can't help but hesitate to post my own here. But that's making me ticked off at myself, so I guess I'll go make the thread.

It's going to be a while because I'll need to play around with the spoiler tags, but I'll try to get it posted tonight.
Worry not. Whatever people may say in there will only help you improve. Also, different people have different art styles - don't be afraid of showing yours.
Hell, I suck horribly and had 3 "art" threads.
"We’ve bided time
We’ve traveled to distant worlds
On our quest for knowledge and power
We’ve traced the galactic whirls
And now full circle
Unfulfilled by what we’ve seen
This is it, one galaxy
Out of the shadows, my silhouette is torn
Freed from the darkness, I see my vile form
Bleeding out from a spiral clade
This is all I have
This is all that I have"