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    Well it was pretty cool short little chapter. I did have one big problem with the story though and that is, why would we want to transform humans into pkmn, if humans can control pkmn? I'm sure humans can use pokemon for military applications as well. I feel that turning ordinary people, for the purposes of being pokemon to be tools of war, is a waste of resources. I did see though, this is a very interesting concept, and the concept itself grabbed my attention. Why not keep humans, human, and somehow alter them to have the 'powers' of pkmn? I'm sure it has been done before. Heck, I'd rather have an army of humans with pkmn powers, than pokemon.

    Not a fan of 2nd person narratives. That's my personal thing, I don't like being involved in the story.

    That's my take, otherwise pretty solid with grammer.
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