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    Elene Merlin + Ashling
    The Classroom
    The distraction of Gavin approaching her in a public setting was something else unexpected and unwelcome in Elene's ledger of the day, especially given her explicit instructions for the boy not to do such things on the day prior, and especially egregious thanks to the presence of the injured teacher whose gait she tracked for later analysis, without the current interest to thoroughly investigate the implications of whatever mishaps had ocurred in the insanity of the Academy's halls, wherein such insanity danced across the minds of the wretches locked in by the pressures of the peace-lovers that supported notions without truly understanding the reasons behind it. They stewed about in the filth of ignorance and violence like hippos. Dirty, ignorant hippos, the kind that decorated their tusks with vapid decorations that made the other equally limp-minded hippos gush with awe in praise of such deep spiritual matters as the color pink, or birthdays.

    More cattle for her to herd, she supposed, though the pressure of doing such was already beginning to grate on the Vampire like a cheesegrater made out of stupidity and personal bias. Even the so-called academics of the world she suffered through daily were fools, even the supposedly dangerous terrorist group announced their intentions well ahead of time, just so that everybody knew they were up to no good. If she were the leader of a terrorist organization, which she would never be due to the advantage of presenting an image that the majority approved of, in this age, at least. The days where sovereigns could rule with impunity, as gods, were so much simpler, though she suspected she would be able to do a much better job of it herself. Perhaps she could find a way to manipulate the magic that created this realm and create her own; a worthy goal, if ambitious.

    As Ashling's face turned dour at the mention of Fairytale, effectively cutting off the size of her social bubble to merely cover her own desk, Elene's attention was caught by Gavin's words, at which she mentally raised an eyebrow, as her eyes leveled on the fellow. The man had yet to accomplish anything of note, least of all while in her service of a grand total of one day, and the possibility of his being a cross-dresser was no less displeasing were somebody to discover it and use it against her. Not that she necessarily believed it was true, but acting as though she did was an effective bargaining chip. Still, denying him outright would have created the image of an unfair woman, which was another image she didn't wish to cultivate. As such, Elene shrugged her shoulders.

    "You will be the first to know if I want to."
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