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Please be aware that everything here is relatively old. I'll update it eventually, after I get enough images together.
[I intend not to post many drawings, but will continue updating with photos/sprites.]
*Ignore the messy spoiler tags. They've been trolling me since I posted this thread. I don't put the extra ones there; they seem to appear on their own!

(Keep in mind that I have to upload these photos through another website, which kills the quality of them.)

Some plant I found


Not particularly impressive, yeah.
But considering I had to walk through poison ivy to get there, it's alright. I was unable to get another angle, considering there were thorny bushes everywhere.


Yes, fogginess is a word, according to spellcheck.


Nothing more to say.


Kind of a neat picture, in my opinion.

*Drawings may be added in the future, after I complete some that are worth posting.
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