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Originally Posted by gtfotis View Post
Hello there, I'd like to make a breeding request!

Pokémon: Dratini
Nickname: No nickname
Shiny: If possible, yes please!
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Multiscale, please
IVs: Flawless if possible, if not then special attention to ATK and SPD!
Hatch Location: Wherever you happen to be!
Egg Moves: Not necessary!

Thanks so much!
Tabor62 will do this as soon as possible. I am directing your request to him. I've got a lot going on IRL right now and I have not felt like RNG abusing.

Originally Posted by Lyritsu View Post
Excuse me is this possible for a breeding request?

Pokémon: Oshawott
Nickname: -not needed-
Shiny: -would be nice to have but if it's not possible then it's fine-
Gender: -female-
Nature: Brave or Modest
Ability: Torrent is fine for me
IVs: Flawless
Hatch Location: Nuvema Town
Egg Moves: as long as there is X-scissors

i have some DPPt pokemon i can transfer to my white 2 to offer..? :'D
and if you do get a shiny that fits the condition, uhms, i guess i could offer a shiny shellos (otherwise i would feel bad)
No thanks to this one. :\

FYI: We are closing requests for the time being. Syd and I both don't really feel like RNG abusing right now. We will open back up again at a later date. Please do not request anymore right now.