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People have classified Pokemon Colosseum as a spin-off for years, but what makes it different from the main games so much that it is a spin-off rather than main series game? Sure, it has shadow pokemon, and it dosn't have gym badges, but the Cipher Admins act as semi-gym leaders, and the rematches in Realgam Tower act as the elite 4, with Nascour/Evice acting as the champion. So, what is your take on this discussion? I'll list the pros and cons that support each sides

Evidence for Main Series:
-You walk through towns and progress through, like any other main series game.
-You obtain the Master Ball at the end of the main story
-Ability to pick one of three Johto Starter pokemon at the beginning (other two obtainable at the end of the game)
-Before Emerald, this game was needed to get the Johto pokemon not obtainable in FR/LG and R/S
-Same battle format as the regular games (only all battles are double)
-Able to battle with the 3rd gen games. (And trade!)

Evidence against it being Main Series:
-Shadow Pokemon are abnormal, and not in any other pokemon main series game (unless you were to count XD)
-it is in 3D, not 2d, like all other pokemon games through gen 5
-you have 2 starter pokemon
-only 48(i think) pokemon are avalible to be snagged/captured
-starter pokemon are lv. 25/26 respectively
-you capture other trainers pokemon
-you can't catch wild pokemon
-not a GameFreak game

So, guys if there is anything i missed, please tell me, something false i added? tell me, and i will fix ASAP
What is your take? tell me your view on this argument!
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