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    Pokemon Monocolor Yellow Update #3: First two Sapphire Gyms Defeated
    Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Platinum, Black 2

    Sorry for my slow paced updates in the Hoenn region. It's never been my favorite, and I've hit a road block with Wattson since I'm being lazy with training my newly acquired Pokemon. I'll get through it... eventually.

    Current Team:

    YLW Beak the Jolly Pelipper (F)
    Level 26 (Keen Eye)
    Protect/Water Gun/Supersonic/Wing Attack

    S the Modest Beautifly (M)
    Level 17 (Swarm)
    Gust/Absorb/Poison Sting/Flash

    YLW Woof the Lax Electrike (F)
    Level 13 (Lightning Rod)

    Plus YLW the Timid Plusle (F)
    Level 13 (Plus)
    Growl/Thunder Wave/Quick Attack/Helping Hand

    Minus YLW the Adamant Minun (M)
    Level 12 (Minus)
    Growl/Thunderwave/Quick Attack
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