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    Originally Posted by Kurapika View Post
    50% accuracy for OHKO is already big enough so 80% ?? lol, no thanks!! And, to top it off, you give it such a very good defensive stats and a resisting typing.... No, just no.
    Imo, that ability should never be added.

    GRRRRRRR, I meant to write down 70%!!!!!!! Anyway, I already changed its defensive stats in my most recent reply:

    Hp: 70
    Def: 70
    SpDef: 65

    A good Earthquake should take it out no prob, and besides, 70% accuracy is still unreliable. Heh, thunder and blizzard, we all know how accurate those are! So what if it seems a little overpowered, do you remember Alakazam? Or sandstorm Excadrill? Or Garchomp even? Those pokemon are/were broken, yet they managed to exist in the pokemon games.
    Although I do agree that its typing is a bit too much, maybe just a mono dark type would be enough.
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