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Just so everyone knows I'm still here doing my Ghost Monotype challenge. Because I've been going on and off for a while, I can't fully remember everything I've done early on. Like my Rainbow Challenge, I'll put up a string of pics to show I've stuck with everything once I've completed the challenge.

I have:

Elevated all my Nincada to Shedinja, discarding the Ninjasks.
Defeated Wattson
Discarded one of my Shedinja.
Brought back Goober the Mudkip for use as an HM slave. Taught it Rock Smash and then Strength.
Thwarted Team Magma's plans at the volcano.
Defeated Flannery after, like, five tries. Taught one of my Shedinja Dig after I think two.
Defeated Dad, got Surf and taught Goober it.
Thwarted Team Aqua at the Weather Institute.

Current Team:

Jimbodini, Level 30 Shedinja
Wonder Guard
Double Team
Fury Cutter

Reggie X, Level 30 Shedinja
Wonder Guard
Secret Power
Fury Cutter
Double Team

Bijou, Level 39 Female Sableye
Keen Eye
Confuse Ray
Faint Attack
Fake Out
Night Shade
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