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I'll try this.

Username: Lockdown
Game: B2
Song: Carry On / Avenged Sevenfold / Emo Rock
Team: Tyranitar, Braviary, Magmortar, Gallade, Salamence, Garchomp

Tyranitar (Rock/Dark)
It's Emo Rock, that's why.

Braviary (Normal/Flying)
Braviary is an eagle, that's name supports the fact that it is probably a very brave pokemon, it's also the Valiant pokemon, so my guess would be that it would avenge it's fallen comrades, thus going along with the band name, Avenged Sevenfold.

Magmortar (Fire)

"Caught in the flame or those deep in fire."
He's made of fire, for God's sake!

Gallade (Psychic/Fighting)

"Search endlessly,
Fight till we're free!
Fly past the edge of the sea!"

He's fighting type, and most likely would fight his way out of anything.

Salamence (Dragon/Flying)

"Search endlessly,
Fight till we're free!
Fly past the edge of, the sea!

No bended knee!
No mockery!
Some how we still carry on!"

As a Bagon, he always wanted to fly. He endlessly searched for his wings, and wouldn't except any mockery. As a Shelgon, he fought until he was free, and got rid of his shell. He now had wings, and he flew past the edge of the sea.

Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)

"Silence your fear, we've got to move higher
High like the stars in the sky, guiding us all!
Battle the will of those who conspire
Take back the passion to live, vanish the sorrow!

Destroy their perfect crime, watch the power fold"

Garchomp is big, scary, and bad ass. He will take back your passion to live, and his own sorrow will vanish, whilst doing so. He will destroy you, and watch your power fold.

It was hard to find a pokemon that fit the name 'Avenged Sevenfold".
Glad that's over. Now comes the hard part. Hacking them all in.


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