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I don't know, we've already sort of had this concept in the past. I thought Game Freak had reached the climax of scary, for introducing Team Rocket's true harshness and the infamous Lavender Town music in the originals. And then in D/P/Pt we saw the player having nightmares before encountering Darkrai. I'm not too sure if this would come, but I think it would be interesting to see, however I think it would more be revolving around encountering scary-looking Pokemon or Dark and Ghost types maybe. Essentially any Pokemon that has this eerie feeling around it.

And also I'm agreeing with Shawn :3, it'd be quite interesting to be able to explore all sorts of different places in different nightmares. It could be anywhere from a haunting forest or an abandoned mansion similar to the Old Chateau, who knows? It'd be randomly decided and there are always new twists around every corner, that'd be pretty fun in my opinion!

As for horrible things happening to our Pokemon, the possibility of what could happen if this does get implemented in the game, is maybe HP loss? Maybe even downgraded a level? Perhaps your Pokemon receives some sort of curse that lasts a certain period of time? And lastly, maybe even held items stolen along with some of the trainer's money getting taken away as well.
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