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    Originally Posted by EnglishMilkshake View Post
    Oh dear, I just notice, you've completely removed Spearow and replaced Arcanine. Why would you do that? I like my own game better than this one.
    I've been mulling it over for a long time and have thought of many possible sceanarios and ways to work around that, or possibly just bunk it entirely; however I must be blunt and say you are wrong; What I have technically done has removed fearow and growlithe
    you could also say Arcanine, but thats also in my own mix of things to deal with... but back to the point; Growlithe and fearow have been removed, because they are no longer associated with their original evolutions currently; while growlithe has been overhaulled entirely

    one idea is make the evolutionary pokemon unchangable forms of the originals, while still keeping the originals intact; another would be making these evolutionary pokemon completely different pokemon entirely but that seems too drastic a change for my liking

    to address the reason as to why, it all has to deal with the fact there are entirely too many legendary pokemon and i like the idea of more evolution pokemon; that is a nice twist of the normal plot that has not been very explained or examined or even taken into much thought of.

    Finally, I have seen your games and while they show ambition and potential, to claim they are better than another is entirely opinionated, unrelated to anything going on, and quite rude. To measure the quality of your games to mine seems almost useless when all you have to back it up is a mere statement saying so without saying "your game is bad because...x,y,z; while mine is better because...x,y,z" To give no reason or criticism even is rude, unneeded and considered spam.

    *EDIT* I would also like to point out that as a revolutionary idea I envisioned the ability to catch every pokemon, all 649 of them; as the months went on, more and more people envisioned a similar idea, but mine is being put into place currently; furthermore, to push the envelope even more I also envisioned an ever updating game (as doing so just requires dedication, simply; and with each update is every pokemon that should be introduced later on. I noticed you had started to do so, making every 649 pokemon available, but the graphics are.....adequate to be very generous; regardless, I wish you luck with your game, and hope there are no hard feelings and I also hope I have answered your questions with my game! ^ ^

    Originally Posted by Rayd12smitty View Post
    nice update. Playing now
    Thank you! I hope everything goes well, remember if you see anything bad, a glitch, or have a suggestion you are welcome to post it! Enjoy what I have so far.

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