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Allister Curtis - Classroom

Allister listened intently to his teachers tale, his disgust and fury at Oz and the organisation growing more and more with every word spoken, the classrooms other mage, whose name Allister didn't really know, seemed to be more angry at Higorashi than at Fairytail, going out of his way to belittle the man, which infuriated Allister nearly as much as Oz did. Allister was not a fan of the school using students as soldiers, but he saw the logic, there were some very powerful yokai present in class 3C alone, let alone the entire student body and staff. Allister turned to Yorick next to him
"Meet me in the cafeteria tomorrow morning?" he said to his newfound friend "Cheryl is younger than us, I don't know if it would be wise to bring her, but if she'll be helpful, which she very well may be, bring her with you". Allister figured a coordinated attack on Oz was the best way to go, a powerful mage was one thing, but a mage with skill as well as power, such as seemed to be the case with the Fairytail operative, was not going to be fun... especially since he was probably far more experienced at offensive magic than Allister. Allister stood up facing Higorashi
"You can count me in" was all he said before bowing his head to Higorashi and leaving the classroom.

Allister walked up the halls at a brisk pace, he wanted find the other mage. Not just to confront him and to discover his views, but also because he felt it was a good idea to have another mage on his side, they could probably work spells cooperatively, which would make them far more potent.
I wonder what this guys problem really is Allister thought to himself as he continued his search.
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