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    Originally Posted by MythologicalHAX View Post
    Disco - Ghost
    I see what you did there. Well, I'd be willing to try out an ultimate challenge. Are we allowed to use different songs for each region? I've got more than one favourite for sure, and I think if I tried to apply a team from each generation to the same song I'd probably get sick of it real fast.


    Username: Puppeteer Mask
    Game: FireRed -> HeartGold -> Emerald -> Platinum -> Black
    FireRed Song: Don't Start A Band/Reel Big Fish/Punk
    FireRed Team: Weezing, Gyrados, Hypno, Wigglytuff, Primeape, Farfetch'd
    FireRed Reasons:

    The Genre: Weezing. Fits the type requirement for Punk by being a Poison type, and fits even better since she's the favoured pokemon of Gym Leader and punk rocker Roxie.

    The Band: Gyrados. The band's name is called Reel Big Fish. Gyrados is probably the biggest gosh darn fish in all of Gen 1.

    The Lyrics:

    I hate to ruin the magic
    I hate to kill the dream

    But once you've been behind the scenes then you'll know just what I mean

    The Hypno line's entire gimmick was the Dream Eater move in its debut. Its horrific implications, creepiness and prominence in Creepypasta has definitely "ruined the magic" of pokemon for me sometimes too.

    And there's no applause and no flying bras
    No girls will scream for you and no ones gonna sing along with you

    Jigglypuff's running gag in the anime always made me feel bad for it. All it wants to do is sing its heart out but it just winds up knocking everyone out, oblviously thinking that they're all sleeping out of spite. Seems fitting for the line.

    Rock and roll will bring you down
    And it will kick you while your on the ground

    Primeape is known to hunt down the subect of its rage, not stopping until it passes out or its nemesis gets pummelled into nothingness. Kicking an opponent while they're down sounds like par for course for Primeape. In fact, it sounds like being generously merciful for Primeape.

    Don't start a band
    Don't even try you will regret it yea
    Don't start a band
    You'll be so disappointed that it was nothing like you planned

    When Pokemon gamers first traded Spearow for Farfetch'd, they figured they were getting a great deal. A rare pokemon, only obtainable through trade like Mr. Mime and Jynx, surely it was powerful! And then they found out that it... well, wasn't. Farfetch'd is, sadly, disappointment incarnate. Its Japanese name even represents a saying that loosely means "there's a sucker in every crowd". Seems to fit the chorus perfectly if you ask me.
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