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    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 2: Stupid teacher.
    Classroom 13

    Nami noticed some tension in the class as Higoroshi-sensei started speaking. It was obvious that a lot of students were weirded out by his plans and weren't sure why he'd do this. Her first thoughts went to some students in this class who probably would get injured. Nami's anger started raging inside her. Not only did he send all the students on a dangerous mission, he also tried making her look bad in front of Takumi and a few other students. She couldn't just forgive that…

    When she wanted to scold sensei for his ridiculous thoughts, her fellow student was her first. He started scolding this stupid sensei and made Nami respect him a little bit. Finally someone who stood up against him. After this male student was done, sensei started laughing in a creepy way… He told them their plans and it started to make a little bit more sense, but how comes he knew this Fairytale's Mage so well? This was suspicious…

    Finally Higoroshi-sensei was done explaining his plan but Nami still was angered by what had happened earlier today and clenched her beautiful woman fists. And to make her even more angry… sensei told her she had received her first F for human appearances. She hadn't shown her real form if sensei hadn't tried to embaress her.

    "I hadn't done that if you didn't try to embaress me in front of my fellow students." Nami snarled at him. Her Vampire blood was cooking but she remained calm, she didn't want Takumi to get terrified of her.

    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 2: 3C's Homeroom teacher
    Classroom 13

    Ryuu couldn't hold in his laugh as Gavin started to scold him for sending his students after that person. But Ryuu decided this wasn't the time to tell them that those 15 students were actually selected to be in this class, even Takumi, who was human and Cheryl who was extremely shy. He also noticed that one of the Vampire girls and the Succubus never left the classroom after Youkai History. His attention went back to the tempered Mage though.

    "I have a reason for sending all of you there." Ryuu stopped laughing and looked more like an evil person with a cold grin right now. "This isn't so dangerous for you guys, why you ask? Because Oz won't take you guys serious… you are students." Ryuu was getting a little angry at the Gavin, not only for doubting his decisions, but also for trying to date a Vampire girl, is he out of his mind? He knows what'll happen if he tried dating one. Ryuu sighed and glanced at the ceiling, it wasn't going to be of any use to shout back at him.

    "Oz is a guy who feels all high and mighty, he'll feel like you guys are faaaar under his level, which… might be true, but since he feels like that he won't attack you with all his might, it will be like battling a student." Ryuu didn't want to tell his plan yet but figured he had no choice. "Once find out you guys are stronger than he thought, I will jump in." Ryuu spoke. He knew Gavin was a bit tempered like Solo, but he'd never thought he'd actually scold at him. "And don't tell me it won't happen like that… that's exactly what is going to happen." Ryuu's expression turned thoughtful, it was almost as if Ryuu already knew Oz.

    "Oh! I almost forgot, Nami?" Ryuu turned to the stubborn girl forward his desk. "You just received your first F grade for Human appearances, you showed your Youkai form just know didn't you?" Ryuu stared coldly at her. Gavin kind of ruined his mood.

    Nami started to snarl at him how that wasn't her fault because he embaressed her in front of the other students. Well… he really did that… and girls don't like to be embaressed in front of the person they like. Though… Ryuu started to doubt whether Nami wanted to make Takumi her blood doll or not. "Uhm… right then… you're right there… and since it's your second day i'll let you go with a warning… this time." Ryuu turned away and felt a little uncomfortable.

    "If you all will be so kind to leave now, I have to prepare a lot of things for tomorrow, and don't worry… I will personally make sure none of you will get hurted." Ryuu took alook out of the window towards the graveyard.

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