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    Glad that the concept interested you even it the presentation didn't. With what you said about it being a waste of resources to turn people to pokémon I think that would be true if pokémon were just as sentient as humans. If pokémon weren't sentient then it would probably work very well for espionage or black ops purposes. When I writing this initially I was thinking about Poké-Human hybrids, probably more along the lines that you are thinking about, but I wanted to keep it vague enough that it would fit hybrids or turning people into pure pokémon. There are just so many interesting possibilities that intrigue me with this subject.

    I'm just kinda weird like that about second person, it fascinates me. If I do decide to expand this one-shot then it would be written in 3rd person, as I don't think that anyone could stand reading a long story written in second person and because I don't really like first person. And now you've got me thinking about couple possible story ideas, which I was trying to avoid and get out my system by writing this. Now I'll never get anything done xD

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