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    Hanso SharpEye
    ...Not the sharpest mind in the room, though...

    In the moments before Zane reached 'Penance', Hanso wondered why the Golduck didn't answer, and why the Gallade wasn't being attacked from behind. When the Golduck, along with most of the other Pokemon in the room, vanished and the real Penance revealed himself, Hanso felt confused at first. He thought for a moment that some part of his mind might have still been clouded from the sleep gas they'd been hit with.

    "The funny thing? Illusions can be harmful so long as those experiencing them believe them to be real. Though you should probably train those minds a bit more if they can be this easily manipulated. Not good at all for going after the Silver Crystal, right?" Penance asked them. He sighed at that point, "Though too much time has been wasted now. You know there are still a good few plans to be realized, but also a bit more to deconstruct." He scratched at the back of his neck. "I wonder... do you all think this is a dream? I mean those illusions were pretty convincing.... this could all be in your heads, or not. You take your picks." He said with a meager shrug. "The psychics are pretty powerful, but I'm not sure if they would want to take the time to simulate a dream for everyone you know?"

    Hanso's eye twitched at that point as he realized that he had been, as the Abra put it so aptly, stupid. I should have checked for something once I saw that Abra. Another might have said that Hanso was being hard on himself, but he didn't feel any better for learning that it had been a test, a setup. Hanso rubbed at his eyes with one hand, not really looking at the Psychics that appeared. In fact, he still felt some of the disbelief from before. Thinking back through the whole thing, Hanso pinpointed a few things that were inconsistent. Or, at least, he thought they were. Penance being called the Madman; Penance snapping his fingers to light the fire under the cauldron; Tired enough of all this to really point everything out.

    "So then, I assume questions are in order? Perhaps the fact that the psychics linked up with your minds while you all slumbered can take away a few. The rest are natural of course but we can walk and talk I suppose. The scouts already report that it's getting topsy curvy up there so we should probably get onto that. That is if you all want to of course." Penance said with a shrug. "Or... you all could be holding in inner rage and really really want to kill me. Natural for that to happen as well I suppose, it can't really be helped though. Although death means a harder time trying to get the city freed as well as innocents killed and this whole city within a city turning upon you all. And due to the fact that many here have been trained to kill Goldies... your odds aren't that great with that route, still, I do give you the free will to decide what to do." He stated. "So... what will it be?" The Golduck asked them.

    Hanso turned away from the majority of the group, listening as he searched through his mind. The Gallade took time to make sure there were no external mental connections left, cutting any he found without looking at any of them individually. Can't risk having any connections with these guys left...what else could they have done? Now that he knew, or had an idea, what to look for, Hanso didn't actually find anything else in his mental scan of himself, the others, or the room. He focused more on whether there were any more mental manipulations, rather than who was who.

    All the same, Hanso felt angry. Angry at Penance and the other Psychics for fooling them, and angry at himself for not realizing it. On impulse, Hanso spun and punched Accatosh in the shoulder; he didn't pour anything into it except a desire to relieve something. "Sorry about that," the Gallade muttered to Accatosh, "but you were the closest thing to punch." Hanso faced Penance and stated, "Far as I can tell, you're not messing with our heads anymore. If you are, though, then stop it. Or we might not see what's happenin' up there anyways."