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    Near the end of every week I'll be posting what's ahead for each member of the team individually.

    Shubunkus- You'll have time through out next week to insert your scripts into the main Rom.
    Jillsandwich93-You've informed me about your hectic week so you're clear for the upcoming week.
    Atif-Next week is another week of heavy inserting. So it's a slim chance you'll be required to map. But it's still a possibility.
    Zekrom The Hedgehog-Not much work for you at the moment, but when I think of something, I'll notify you right away. We can continue discussing plans for your hack and possibly a double release. ^.^
    Aryan143- Once you're done inserting the intro sprites for DR1, you'll be required for a very important sprite along side Kinataki. I'll tell you guys more early this week.
    Leafgreen2itsmyidea- A beta of high standard isn't anywhere near ready, but when it is, I hope you're ready. ^.^
    Pinkish Purple- You've been assigned 3 jobs. Take your time with each of them.
    Kinataki- You'll be required for a very important sprite along side Aryan143. I'll tell you guys more early next week.