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    The Amber Fuji & Ambertwo Fan Club


    Hello & welcome to Preserved, a fan club for those beautiful Pokemon characters, Amber (Ai) Fuji and her clone, Ambertwo!

    Appearing in the opening sequence of Mewtwo Strikes Back, and in Japanese drama CD, The Birth of Mewtwo, Amber was the young daughter of New Island's laboratory's Dr. Fuji. She died young in a car crash, and Fuji's grief led him to attempt cloning her, producing Ambertwo.

    Ambertwo connected with and understood Mewtwo like no other, and seemed, uniquely among the clones - rarely even among human children - to realise quite what it is to exist and to be human, even if she could never quite impart it. Her grace in accepting her fate and sacrifice for Mewtwo, not to mention her simple cuteness, make her my favourite character in Pokemon, and I hope that, in that, I'm not alone.

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    1.Credit all fanworks posted.
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    3. Avoid discussion that might offend other members - this is a public forum.

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