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    Levina ~ Cape City

    Levina grinned as Snype approached her. "Kehe, of course. She's poisoned at the moment and probobly passed out. I picture she'll be out of her hair either way. Even if she does escape, she'll die beforehand either way." He said. Levina giggled in a menacing way as Snype’s words reached her ears. “I’d love to give her some ‘shock therapy’…..if you know what I mean.” Levina spaced off as she pictured herself shocking the Mismagius into begging for mercy. She was snapped out of her little daydream by Snype who returned to the topic at hand. "Kill all the citizens and that means you'll have a rebellion and the Gold Tribe to face. I'd fear we'd be out numbered if the groups ended up having an alliance. Who knows what they're up to. I still say we do what we can to stop the rebelion though. Scare them enough so that they don't try something like this again. But let’s be smart about it. Kehehe... we'll end it all in one grand battle when the time is right. Feels a bit early for that if you ask me." Snype said.

    “It would be one hell of a fight hehe. I’d be up for it.” Levina said with a grin as she watched the Pokemon joining in on the conversation. "I cannot endorse a kill all order," the Tyranitar said. "Killing ruthlessly on the battlefield is one thing, but we can't just kill an entire city. What good is a kingdom if all the citizens are dead? There is no honor to be had in such an action, and many of them wouldn't even be able to defend themselves." Levina let out a quiet groan as she listened. She knew the Tyranitar was correct and it annoyed her. She was ready for bloodshed and was getting impatient. She turned to one of the Ancients, a Cradily who was close by, and sent a small but steady stream of electricity to it shocking it slightly. Levina giggled as the Ancient squirmed under the current. She knew it wasn’t doing much damage but it satisfied her lust for a fight for a little while.

    Levina continued to mess with the Cradily as she listened to a female voice talking to the others. "Why not stage an execution?" the Pokemon suggested. "Pick a group of individuals we know are not responsible, and put them under the blade. Whoever is behind this is sure to reveal themselves in the face of losing innocents. Those heroic types love opportunities like that. And it would serve the dual purpose of striking fear into the masses, as Snype suggested." "Yes," said the Tyranitar, "that sounds like an excellent idea..." This attracted Levina’s attention as she left the Cradily alone and faced the group again. “I don’t real care as long as I get to fight.” She said, a smirk returning to her face.

    Allora ~ Unknown Battle Room.....Or not? Huh?

    Allora looked back to see if the Liligant was still following. What she found was a fierce battle between the Liligant and a Krokorok. Allora stopped and turned to help her new friend but saw the Liligant deliver a finishing blow to the Pokemon. Before returning her attention to helping the group, Allora called to the Liligant. “Over here! This way!” Allora turned back to the group to see Paladin approaching. She let a small smile show through as she was relieved to see he was alright. "We have to get out of here," he said sternly. Paladin was right. They had to find a way to escape or more of them would be injured or, even worse, possibly killed.

    Allora followed Paladin’s example and started looking around for a way to escape. There were no obvious exits as the room was sealed up tight. They couldn’t risk busting one of the walls or the ceilings out for they didn’t know where they were exactly or what was on the other side. Plus it would run the risk of a cave in and that could kill everyone. The exact opposite of what they wanted to do. As Allora continued to look around she heard a loud grunt come from Paladin. She jerked her head around to see what was wrong with her friend and saw another Golurk had smashed into Paladin, sending him flying a distance.

    All Allora could do was stand by and watch as her partner wrestled with the other Golurk. ‘Oh no! This is bad! What can I do to help him? I’m out powered physically and the only attack I know that is affective will hit Paladin also. I don’t know what to do.’ She thought as she paced back and forth watching the battle. The need to help and protect Paladin grew with each passing second. Allora watched in horror as the other Golurk charged Paladin, and again, knocked him back ten feet. “PALADIN!!” Allora screamed as tears started to well in her eyes. She was watching her friend, no, her family member, being killed in front of her eyes.

    Before Allora could do anything to help Paladin, something strange happened to him. He stood and let out a powerful scream as his body started to change. A strange, sickly gray color started to envelop his body and his eyes turned black and lifeless. “Paladin?” Allora whispered as she watched her friend transform. This being that stood in front of her wasn’t her friend. She didn’t know who or what this Pokemon was. She watched as Paladin took flight, taking the other Golurk along for the ride. Both Pokemon shot for the ceiling and collided with a very loud bang, leaving a crack behind them. Allora watched in silence as her friend landed with a thud alongside the dead Golurk. All she could do was stare at Paladin’s body, not knowing whether he was dead or alive.

    Allora’s gaze left her friends figure, only for a second, when she caught Pokemon disappearing out of the corner of her eye. Hovering above everyone was a group of Pokemon she hadn’t seen in the room before. Three Alakazams, a Hypno, a Gardevoir, two Grumpigs, a Slowbro, a Lunatone, and also a Xatu. The Abra from earlier and the insane Golduck were also with them. "The funny thing? Illusions can be harmful so long as those experiencing them believe them to be real. Though you should probably train those minds a bit more if they can be this easily manipulated. Not good at all for going after the Silver Crystal, right?" The Golduck asked them sighing. "Though too much time has been wasted now. You know there are still a good few plans to be realized, but also a bit more to deconstruct. I wonder... do you all think this is a dream? I mean those illusions were pretty convincing.... this could all be in your heads, or not. You take your picks. The psychics are pretty powerful, but I'm not sure if they would want to take the time to simulate a dream for everyone you know?"

    Allora returned her gaze to Paladin as she half way listened to what was going on. The other Golurk that was beside Paladin also disappeared. ‘An illusion? Is that what that was? But it felt so real.’ She thought as she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Allora slowly approached Paladin, fear the he could be dead still making her gut wrench. She sat beside his body and watched him for a second waiting for him to take a breath. To her relief, Allora could hear the air whooshing in and out of her friend’s lungs as he breathed.

    “Paladin.” Allora whispered to him gently, not wanted to startle him. She received no response. “Paladin?” She said a little louder as she gently bumped him with her paw. Still no response. “Paladin!” Allora halfway yelled as fear started swelling up again. “Paladin wake up!” She shook him a little harder to try and wake him up. Again there was no response from the Golurk. It was almost like he was in a comatose like trance. Oblivious to the outside world. “PALADIN!!” Allora screamed as tears started to well up again in her eyes. The possibility that this could all still be an illusion was hidden by her fear and anxiety.

    Allora turned to the Psychics who seemed to be amused by their little test. Especially the Abra who continued to call them all stupid for falling for the illusions. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO PALADIN!!!???” Allora snapped at them, her tails flying straight up and staying there. “IF ALL THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE AN ILLUSION THEN WHY THE HELL ISN’T HE WAKING UP!?” Tears poured out of her eyes as hundreds of different possibilities flooded her mind. Many of them playing off the fear that she lost her dear friend. “WELL? ARE YOU GOING TO ANSWER ME OR JUST FLOAT THERE STARING AT ME?” Allora’s eyes started to glow blue as her anger built. She was ready to beat the crap out of anyone if it meant getting an answer to Paladin’s condition. Slowly her body started to give off the same blue glow, her psychic abilities fueled by her emotions, as she waited for an answer.