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    Another update! (I'm feeling a little awkward about the doubleposts that I've made in this thread... is it a problem? I'm trying to leave some time between posts, so it's not just me bumping this thread constantly haha)

    anyway, so! I've sprited OWs for six of the main chars (Marina, Prof Magnolia, the aide, the criminal, and the first two gm leaders), so I've removed all the character concept art from the first post and thrown little animated OWs in :) I'm totally aware of a lot of mistakes I've made with them, so you don't have to be too harsh about them haha. once I've got some more content in-game, I'm going to go back over them. but whatever! that's stuff I don't need to worry about yet

    I've also made a bunch of progress with the last two main events before you can finally run around catching pokemon and challenging gyms! I just need to play around with them a little and add some smaller joining-y stuff, and then I'm going to start filling the routes with wild pokemon and coming up with a team for the first gym leader (and, you know...a name, haha). also I've done interior maps for two of the three towns I've got so far, so I'm feeling pretty happy with the amount of stuff that's happening :)

    anyway, screenshot time:

    (gotta be honest here: not a huge fan of the whole night time look in these games! I'm thinking of taking the whole time aspect out of pokemon: pure heart!, in fact. any opinions? also up for debate: not sure how many pokemon to include! do I want up to and including gen 6? just gen 1? only my favourite pokemon?? haha, I'm not sure yet!)
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