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    - Travelled to Fortree and beat Winona easily
    - Caught Tropius as another HM Slave
    - Flew to Mauville as I forgot about the fossils in the desert -.-
    - Collected the Claw fossil
    - Resurrected Anorith (Shrimpy)
    - Travelled to Lilycove and beat May, now making my way to Mt. Pyre

    Finally decided on what I want my final team to be: Golem, Aggron, Solrock, Armaldo, Rhydon, Relicanth

    Golem (Gollum) Level 40
    Slugma (Ember Fudd) Level 28
    Lairon (ShinyShiny) Level 35
    Solrock (Helios) Level 30
    Anorith (Shrimpy) Level 25
    and Marshtomp as a HM Slave