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Well, almost like what everyone has said, I'd like all of the events to be distributed through Wi-Fi. However, since this is a 3DS game, I wonder if they'll add a SpotPass feature where all Wi-Fi events are automatically downloaded into the game while the 3DS is in sleep mode. That would be great for me but it's just a thought. Plus, not everyone wants to get every event.

But anyways, back to what I've said on my first sentence, I'd like the events distributed through Wi-Fi. Not everyone has GameStop, Toys R Us, or any store that releases an exclusive event in their countries, like mine. For example, the Meloetta event. To those living in US or Canada, they'd be able to get a Meloetta by downloading it from GameStop or EBGames, whereas for people living in other countries cannot since it's only exclusive in those two countries, and they have to wait for months before it releases as a Wi-Fi event; that doesn't seem fair. So I just wish that all events are distributed through Wi-Fi for X and Y, so everyone could at least get the chance of receiving them.

And also, I was quite pleased with the events of Generation III; I get to wander around new islands and catch the Pokémon residing there, often to be a legendary. It would be wonderful to have in-game events, so we could still have a bit of adventure and curiosity.

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