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Updated the FakeDex with two new revamps (Herbasaur, Purrn and Igstrike). Might start coming up with new Fakemon soon- kinda getting tired of revamps lol.

Also, here's some overworld sprites for Magmug. Not entirely finished it- gotta finish the rest of the frames but that shouldn't take long.

EDIT: New sprite~

Klaylum (portmanteau of "clay" & "golem", although slightly corrupted/phonetic. )
Clay Golem Pokémon
"This Pokémon is extremely loyal and will carry out any command for its master."

Evolution of . Based on the golems of Jewish folklore, hence its Pokédex Description. :> Thought it'd be fitting to finish off the line. I did get a bit lazy and did base both the normal and shiny palettes on already existing Pokémon- bonus points for guessing which.
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