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PokeComminiy's 100 Greatest Songs of All Time

Here on the PokeCommunity we have a large mix of members and, as such we have an eclectic assortment of musical interests. That being said I thought it would be interesting for us to create a list of our top one hundred favourite songs of all time, as a community, not as individuals, for our fellow community members to use as an index and for us to share our musical interests with one another.

How it works

1. The list will be constructed in reverse order (100-1) in groups of ten.
2. In each bracket of songs; first, for about 3-5 days depending on activity on the thread, members will be able to submit songs that they would like to be voted on.
3. Once a decent number of songs have been posted we move into the voting for a similar period of time.

The Rules

1. You may only nominate a maximum of three songs per bracket.
2. Listen to songs you don't know before voting.
3. You have a maximum of two votes in each voting bracket. But you can only vote for ONE of YOUR submitted songs.
4. You may not submit a song that didn't make it in the previous bracket. That's an exercise in futility.

Bracket One Nominees

Frank Sinatra - Get Me to the Church on Time (0 Votes)

Simon and Garfunkle - I am a Rock (0 Votes)

Three Days Grace - Never to Late (0 Votes)

Fallout Boy - Thnks fr th Mmrs (0 Votes)

Red - Already Over (0 Votes)

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (0 Votes)

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite (0 Votes)

Dead Letter Circus - Here We Divide (0 Votes)

The Flaming Lips-The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (0 Votes)

Pink Floyd-Atom Heart Mother (0 Votes)

Avicci vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One (0 Votes)

Rita Ora - Radioactive (0 Votes)

Voting Has Begun


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