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    And now for something completely different! I decided to take Fire Flyy's suggestion and add a few more towns to the map. Here:


    *Windsor Town: A brown little town between Springbud and Honeydew. Not sure what's going to go here yet, really- I'm thinking it'll be something that becomes more useful later in the game, like a shop where you can exchange berries for stuff, or a place where you can make the local Pokeblock-equivalent. Why would you need Pokeblocks? You'll see.
    *Telemagen Town: The center of Naval's arts and entertainment. It has an art museum and the TV station that manages all of those programs you can watch (listen to? read?). The main attraction is the Telemagen Amphitheatre, where you can participate in Pokemon Performances.

    Pokemon Performances are a new minigame (which means more coding for me, yay) that's something like a cross between Contests and movies. Like movies, you have a script you can chose lines from, as well as prompts for Pokemon moves to the effect of "use a move to boost your stats" or "use a sound-based move". Like Contests, your Pokemon's stats and choice of moves affects audience reaction and how well you do overall. Going off script might get you a "strange ending", or it might just mess up the play and get you a bad ending. And of course, there will be participation prizes.

    The little red route there is Route 25 in its shiny new temporary location. I haven't quite decided where I want it yet. >>

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