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I dunno, I'm thinking as of now it seems coincedental, because of all the stuff that gets cut out. When you consider Smash Bros, there's a lot of things were were supposed to get but didn't, even dating back to the first one on the 64.

This includes extra characters in a series, or character replacements overall. I'm sure we were gonna get more Pokemon in Brawl, but didn't because of some sort of limitation or constraints. Honestly, it's just the way it goes during the development process (and in some cases, some ideas just aren't fun, so they get scrapped).

I know I'm approaching this from more of a development angle (can't help it, that's what I'm in school for :( ), but I'm just not entirely convinced that there's a method to the Pokemon addition to Smash Bros beyond what you said about their popularity in the anime determining their addition (unfair, but...). I can't go back to when I didn't know about all the removed elements of the series and prototype stuff. It kind of throws a lot of theories out for every represented series.

Let's see what happens in the next Smash, though. You could be on to something, but I'm skeptical that it was planned that way.

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