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    A Rocket's Diary


    What if you're in Team Rocket?

    What if you need it for survival?

    What if all havoc breaks loose...and you're the one to blame?


    Xarius Gander was murdered. After Giovanni had resigned from Team Rocket, their Johto base needed a new leader to lead them to a brighter (and more corrupted) future. However, when Xarius Gander, the chosen leader-to-be among a small elite group of eight was about to get promoted to the team's most glorious position, he was found dead in his room, lying lifelessly on the floor like an abandoned puppet that had detached itself from its strings.

    This couldn't be an accident - it had been ingeniously planned out.

    The murderer entered the private room through a blind spot, a small area which couldn't be recorded down by the CCTV. With only a fingerprint-free knife acting as a proof of murder, other experienced Rocket members shifted their eyes onto the small group that Xarius had been chosen from - the Endowed Eight.

    You are one of the E8...what do you have in mind?

    (For more details, please visit the OOC thread)


    • All Forum and RP Corner rules apply

    • This RP is rated T. Don't cross the lines!

    • Though 3rd person is preferred, you may use 1st.

    • You can have a maximum of three Pokemon.

    • You can reserve a spot but you must post your SU within two days. If you cannot finish it within the ‘deadline’, the reservation would be cancelled.

    • If you are not active and leave the Roleplay, your character will be booted out OR controlled by the GM/other Roleplayers, so make sure you are active.

    • Don’t godmod or auto-dodge/auto-hit (hitting the enemy in your post without giving him a chance to react/dodge).

    • Be respectful and use common etiquette

    • GM decisions are final.


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