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Second Update of my Duskull Emerald Solo Challenge
Beat the Grunt got the Devon Goods
Wondered about Briney and Peeko
Returned Devon Goods and was immediatly asked to deliver it '_'
Met Mr.Stone got the Letter to Deliver and the PokeNav/Phone Upgrade
Mr.Stone spies on me from top window >.>
Sailed to Dewford
Gave the Letter to Steven
Beat Brawly of Dewford Gym

Beat Team Aqua and Handed over the Devon Goods
Deafeated May Again, Got Item Finder
Got the Mach Bike
Beat Wally Super Easily
Beat Wattson of the Mauville Gym Not so easy

My Team

Boojangles Duskull Male lvl. 32
Moves: Night Shade,Faint Attack,Disable,Astonish
Mules: Sally/ Zigzagoon Dianne/Wingull
My Progress