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Chapter 3; Time to Rock - Preparing for Brock!
Adam Jenkins and Katherine Aldine//Pewter City
Lvl 17Lvl 12Lvl 11

As morning came and a beam of sunlight shot through the window in the wall between the two beds, Adam let out a yawn and rolled a little around in his bed before gingerly sneaking out of it, avoiding angering his Pokémon who were still snoozing away, save for Buzz who seemed to be chattering with the Liligant while sitting on a small stool.

Adam let out a little snicker and glanced over at the still sleeping Katt, smiling as he got up and picked up his clothes before sneaking quietly out the door and down to the bathroom to get himself a shower and get dressed.

A few minutes later, Katt stirs from her slumber, a dreamy smile on her face. Getting up, the girl stretches and yawns, noting that Adam has already woken up and that the other Pokemon, aside from Lily and Buzz, are sleeping. Turning to Phoenix, who slept to the right of Katt's bed, the young Trainer gives her Pokemon a nudge. "Wakey, wakey, Phoenix," Katt coos.

Phoenix gets up quickly enough, rising to her feet and stretching to shake off the drowsiness. "Comb!" The Combusken clucks happily at Buzz and Lily in greeting before walking over to a still-sleeping Blair to wake the Quilava.

Katt giggles and nudges Sparky, who slept beside her, softly. "Wake up, sleepy head," Katt says softly. The Emolga shifts positions in an effort to remain sleeping, but Katt tickles him and Sparky can't help but writhe under the sensation.

"Emo! Emo! Emo!" Sparky cries from laughter, finally getting up. After Katt ceases the tickling, Sparky shots her a look and sticks his tongue out.

Katt laughs and pats his head, "C'mon now, you slept through the entire night and the latter half of yesterday." Rising from her bed, Katt quickly takes advantage of Adam's absence to change into more appropriate clothes and slips her sneakers on. Turning to her Pokemon, Katt says, "Alright, guys, let's see about some breakfast. Then we can have a battle with Adam!"

Departing the room with her Pokemon in tow, Katt sees Adam leaving the washroom down the hall and greets him, "Morning! We were just about to grab some breakfast and then find you for that battle. If you're ready to go though, I don't see why we can't all eat together?"

Adam looked up, away in thoughts as Katt called out and gave a smile, raising a hand to wave a little. He hadn't gotten his hat on, and his hair looked a little messy after having just been dried with the towel hanging around his neck now.

"Oh, morning Katt. Yeah, I agree. Just a second."

He opened the door to the room and gave a wave at Buzz and Blair who had stayed behind to wait for Adam. "Hey guys, breakfast time! Buzz, could you wake up Stomps?" "Pik!" The rodent lept up onto the bed and tackled the Nidoran, causing him to squeal out in surprise, flailing his tiny legs about. After a few moments, the three came trotting out of the room and followed Adam as he ran up to Katt's side and gave a little grin.

"Excited for the battle today? I'm sure it'll be a ton of fun. I saw an area designated for Pokémon battles just up the road. I think we better go there and fight after breakfast. Speaking of, I've never eaten in a Pokémon center... is the food here good?"

Katt laughs, "It's pretty good, or, at least the one in Viridian has good food!" With Adam, Katt departs towards the Pokemon Center's modest mess hall; a rather long room with about 10 or so average-sized tables to seat four people each. Along the west wall is a long display of various food stuffs and beverages for guests to pick and choose from, and opposite the entrance is a wall composed entirely of windows, providing a scenic outlook of Pewter City.

"Oh!" Katt quickly runs back towards the service desk, "Morning, Nurse Joy!"

Nurse Joy, who had been signing off on some documents, looks up and greets Katt warmly, "Oh, good morning, Katt. I assume you want to pick up your Sableye?" The pink-haired nurse reaches for a PokeBall on a small tray and holds it out to Katt, "There you are, all healed up!"

Katt takes the PokeBall and smiles, "Thank you, Nurse Joy!" Running back to Adam and their entourage of Pokemon, Katt says, "Okay, let's eat!"

Breakfast lasted about half an hour, what with having to both get the food for Adam and Katt, as well as all of their Pokémon. During the meal, the Pokémon seemed to get along extremely well, and Adam and Katt managed to get chatting for a while, where they shared their various stories after having left Viridian.

Adam stretched out before patting his belly, having been back to his room and grabbed his backpack, since the room had to be made ready for any other travellers coming around during the day. He glanced up at the bright-blue sky above them as they exited the Pokémon Center and headed towards the fighting areas.

"So, Katt, what do you think? Should we take it easy and say two Pokémon each? Or go with three? I'll let you decide." He looked to her and gave her a smile as he adjusted his baret ever so slightly, Buzz having planted himself on top of his backpack again and refused to let up a chance at soaking up some sun. Blair and Stomps had been put in their balls after their breakfast, however, Adam not wanting to tire them out with walking before fighting Brock today.

Katt skips along happily, Sparky gliding to and fro without a care in the world. "Hmm, I think a two-on-two would be great!" She says cheerily. As they approach the well-worn battle field, Katt takes her place to the left side and produces Sableye's PokeBall. "If it's alright with you, I'd like to begin using our least powerful Pokemon." Pitching the ball skyward, Katt says, "Shade, go!"

From the PokeBall, Shade the Sableye emerges and does a front flip before landing on his feet before Katt. "Sable!" The small, purple imp bares his formidably fangs and smiles at Adam menacingly.

"Compared to Sparky, Lily and Phoenix, Shade here's my weakest Pokemon," Katt says. "Hopefully he doesn't bite you," she says with a wink.

Adam chuckled and gave her a wry smile as he took his spot on the other side of the field, tipping his hat a little.

"In that case, I'm going to use Buzz. Not to say that he's weak, but I just caught hi- ow!"

Buzz lept from the top of his backpack and onto the ground after having whapped him over the head with his tail. Adam huffed a little and rubbed the back of his head as Buzz got into position, looking rather indignified and a little annoyed.

"... Right, well, that aside, I think we're ready to go." Flashing Katt a cheeky smile,he moved an arm in front of him and bent down in a rather formal bow before straightening up again.

"Ladies first."

Katt smirks, "Okay, Shade, dart in quick and put your claws to work! Use Scratch!" Quicker even then Sparky, Shade releases a burst of speed and is on Buzz in an instant, claws at the ready and shredding!

"... He's fast!" After some quick thinking, Adam called out to Buzz, who was unable to dodge the oncoming attack. "But that's not going to help him! Thunder Wave!"

Buzz's cheeks sparked with electricity, a few arcs crossing over his body just before the claws from Shade crossed down over his chest, sending the Pikachu stumbling back. However, the electricity shifting through Buzz seemed to have rubbed off on Shade, a few sparks of electricity appearing here and there as the purple-y Pokémon backed away.

"Let's take him down a few notches. Growl!" Buzz lowered himself onto all four and narrowed his eyes at his foe, ears laying back as he let out a rumbly little growl, clearly trying to intimidate him.

Katt shouts, "Don't let it intimidate you! Use Night Shade!" Shade barks a response, his eyes flashing! A strange miasma of ghostly energy seems to emanate from the imp and surrounds Buzz! "Good work, now back away!"

"Sab-?!" As Shade attempts to leap backwards, he feels one of his legs constrict! Instead of a leap, the Sableye stumbles backwards before falling!

"Get up! You can't let Pikachu have an opening!" Katt shouts! However, try as he might, Shade cannot work his limbs properly due to the paralysis!

"Ch...!" Buzz calls out, cringing as the energies sorround him, as if in pain. "Whoa.. Night Shade? So that's a... ghost Pokémon?" Adam muttered to himself, biting his lower lip in thought, but as he saw the Sableye fall over, he realized that he had to take this opportunity.

"Buzz, hit him with a Thundershock while he's down!"

"Pi-pika! Chhhhhu!" Buzz called out in response as the ghostly energies dispersed as quickly as they had come. He got onto all fours, lightning crackling between his cheeks and his now raised tail before sending a Thundershock straight towards the prone Sableye.

Unable to move properly, Shade is hit with the brunt of the electrocution and sent flying backwards! "Shade! Are you okay?" Katt cries.

In response, the imp Pokemon rises to his feet and flashes his teeth, "Sable!" Shade would not be going down without a fight.

Smiling, Katt orders, "Launch another Night Shade!" Shade barks and releases the vaporous energy again! "Now follow up with Scratch!" Launching himself forward, Shade releases a furious Scratch, intent on hitting Buzz while he's weakened by the Night Shade!

"Don't let him intimidate you Buzz, and don't let him get in close!"

Adam clenched his fists as he watched the intense battle, the shadows sorrounding the Pikachu again, who let out a yelp of pain from the ghostly attack. Seeing the Sableye moving in for another attack, Adam called out to Buzz again.

"... Sorry Buzz, but you have to take it! When he hits you, give him another Thundershock!"

As the Sableye's claws connected with the defenseless Pikachu, he called out in pain again, but just as quickly retaliated with a bolt of electricity shot through the mouse's body and into the Sableye, the shades of the ghostly attack evaporating as the lights from the electrocution continued to flash.

Too little too late does Katt realize what Buzz is doing. "Shade, defend!" As Shade unleashes the Scratch attack, however, his joints lock from the paralysis! Unable to move or defend, the Sableye endures the brunt of a powerful Thundershock!

As the attack subsides, Shade falls over, defeated. "Shade!" Katt runs over to her Pokemon to make sure he's okay. Luckily, the electrocution didn't do more than damage Shade since his body is composed mostly of shadow matter and minerals. Cradling the imp's head in her hand, Katt smiles, "You fought excellently, buddy!"

Adam found himself breathing rather heavily on top of the pretty dramatic fight, shaking his head a little to snap out of the stare he had aimed at Katt. Glancing down to Buzz, he found the Pikachu still posed on all four, panting heavily. He gave a little smile and pulled out a Pokéball, aiming it at the rodent.

"Good job, Buzz, but I don't think you can take another hit like that. Come back."

The Pikachu was turned into the red light as Pokémon usually do, before being pulled into the ball, quickly finding its way into Adam's pocket as he stepped a little closer to Katt and the Sableye.

"Hey, is he okay? He fought -really- hard. I'm surprised Buzz won, actually."

Katt nods, "He's fine, just tired." Retrieving Shade's PokeBall, Katt presses the release and her Sableye returns to its home. Rising to her feet, Katt smiles at Adam, "Alright, on to our second Pokemon! Good job, by the way. Your Pikachu's quite the scrapper."

Walking back to her side of the field, Katt pulls out Phoenix's PokeBall and clicks the release, materializing her Combusken before her! "Ready when you are!"

Adam gave a little grin and a shrug. "Yeah, I guess so. First time I properly fight with him, so there you go."

He watched as the Combusken was released, his brows furrowing. This was one of her weakest Pokémon? Something told him that it'd be a rough fight to win for Stomps, but... here goes.

He grasped the Pokéball containing the Nidoran from his pocket, releasing Stomps onto the battlefield, whom, as usually, didn't seem too eager to fight, but none the less, stood in front of Phoenix.

"... Not going to take any chances here. Stomps, Focus Energy!" "Nid, Nido!" He replied, digging his paws into the ground, his muscles tensing up.

Katt giggles, "You must be a bit confused. You see, of my four Pokemon, Phoenix is my third weakest. It's not something I'm proud of, but she's had less battle experience up to this point than Lily and Sparky."

"Comb!" Phoenix clucks in agreement, seemingly unfazed by the knowledge that she was indeed on the lower-end of Katt's roster in terms of power.

"Now, Phoenix, let's see if we still got it, huh? Spinning Ember!" Katt commands! Phoenix, in response, leaps forward and twists her body, spewing forth an Ember that encircles and closes in on Stomps! Effortlessly, the Combusken lands on her feet behind the Nidoran.

Katt grins, "Phoenix may not be the strongest of my Pokemon, but she's definitely the most agile and creative with her techniques!"

"... Whoa!" Adam's eyes widened as the Combusken did the spin in the air, the Nidoran's eyes just as wide as his, Adam nearly not reacting at first, but quickly snapped out of it.

"Stomps, get out of the way, quick!"

The Nidoran tried to hop off to the side, but the flames still grazed him, making him squeak out in pain. Adam clenched his jaw, his brows furrowing. "I've never seen a move like that before. Alright, retaliate! Give him a peck!"

Stomps promptly spun around, and despite his size, he was actually rather quick, dashing towards the Combusken until he was a few feet away from him, where he jumped into the air, leaping towards Phoenix with his horn aimed straight for his chest.

"Impressive reactions, but not good enough! Night Slash, go!" Katt shouts! Phoenix responds automatically, swinging at Stomps before the Nidoran can make contact! "Now, Ember!"

"Comb!" Phoenix fires off the Ember, directly aimed at Stomps!

The Nidoran, flying through the air, was unable to dodge the slash that hit him and knocked him back onto the ground with a squeak. He quickly recovered however, and managed to leap to the side to avoid the flames, already seeming somewhat battered.

Taking a deep breath, Adam's brows furrowed as he tried to think of a way to get through it. "... Stomps, use Leer from a safe distance!" The Nidoran backed away from the Combusken and glared at him with narrowed eyes, hoping it'd make him drop his guard, if only ever so slightly.

Phoenix flinches, "Don't let it get your guard down!" Katt shouts. Shaking her head, Phoenix gets back to her senses, "Good! Now get in close and use Night Slash!"

Running forward with talons extended, Phoenix closes in on Stomps and releases the deadly Ghost attack!

"Now, use Leer again, put her off guard!"

Stomps pulled off his glaring again, causing Phoenix's determined attack to lose a bit of its oomph, and as this happened, Adam called out again. "Now, Double Kick!"

The Nidoran dashed forwards, the Night Slash coming straight for him now, but due to Phoenix being unsettled by the glaring of the rodent, the slash barely missed, taking off a few hairs on its way past. Stomps ran straight up to Phoenix and lept up, slamming both of its stubby little legs against her before landing on the ground again, seemingly completely exhausted.

Katt gasps, "He's fast! Phoenix, recover quickly and use a spinning Night Slash!" Phoenix obeys silently, launching herself into an aerial screw with her talons extended to attack Stomps!

"Nngh... you're not going to be able to take that! Stomps, get out of the way! Duck!"

Stomps squeaked out and was just about to duck under the attack as the damage from the previous attacks left him staggering for just long enough to be hit by the almost flying Combusken, sending him to the ground.

He tried valiantly to get onto his feet again, but flopped over, squeaking out quietly. "N... Nido..."

"Stomps!" Adam called out, eyes wide as he ran over and knelt down to him, resting a hand on his side. He gave a soft smile and scratched him gently. "... You did great, buddy. Come back."

He pulled out the Pokéball and let the exhausted Nidoran have a rest, standing up as he gave Katt and Phoenix a smile, folding his arms across his chest.

"I guess it's a draw then. Phoenix is one hell of a fighter! I don't feel bad that I lost the second part. Good job."

Katt giggles, "Well, thank you!" She runs over to Phoenix and pats her Pokemon on the head, "You were wonderful out there!"

Phoenix clucks happily, "Comb! Comb!"

Turning her attention to Adam, Katt says, "You put up a great fight, you're Pokemon are really tough!" Smiling she extends her hand, "I'm glad we got to battle and I just know you're going to win your Boulder Badge with ease!"

Phoenix nods and clucks in agreement, "Combusken!"

Adam smiled warmly and shook her hand, afterwards raising it up to plant a kiss on the back of it, acting like this was natural and not weird at all, before letting go of it.

"It was my pleasure! Your Pokémon were amazing as well, especially Phoenix here. It looks like I've got to train extra hard if I want to keep up with you."

He gave a little grin and lowered a hand to pat the Combusken's head.

"I'm sure you'll have no problem winning against Brock either. And on that note, I should head off and get to preparing for the fight. I hope and expect to see you around some other time, alright Katt?"

Katt laughs, "Of course! I may even be there to cheer you on when you battle Brock!" Replacing Phoenix in her PokeBall, Katt does a small bow as a form of good-bye, "It was really great meeting you, and while I'd like to stick around, I'm afraid I have some personal training to do before I consider facing Brock. So, good luck, Adam! We'll meet up again soon, I know it!" And with that, and a smile, Katt turns to depart for the Pokemon Center to heal up Shade and Phoenix, and then to pay a visit to the Lady Melanie once more.

Adam returned the bow and smiled warmly, raising a hand to wave to her as she heads off. "See you around, Katt! Good luck yourself!" He stood and stared after her as she headed off, and after a few minutes, he shook his head, letting out a sigh. "Well, that was good. But now we have to focus, guys. Let's go get you healed up and get ready for a fight."

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