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Name: Scyke Murr

Age: 14

Appearance: Scyke is around 5'6", making him one of the shorter guys in the E8. His hair is an unusual dark blue and is messy and all over the place. Scyke's eyes are of a dim red, and the colours of his eyes and hair contrast yet somehow compliment each other. Scyke isn't seem smiling much; the only time he ever lets out a laugh is when his with he's childhood Pokemon. Being part of the E8, Scyke doesn't have much of a choice for apparel other than the usual Team Rocket uniform and combat boots.

History: Scyke never knew his parents; all of his childhood was spent on a orphanage home where he was told that his parents died in a car crash and that someone had found a baby crying at the back of the car. It was strange that there was no relatives who wanted to take care of Scyke; out of frustration from not finding any carers who were willing to take care of a six month old baby, the rescuer who found Scyke in the first place dumped him outside of a orphanage home, left a note on who Scyke was, and left the city. The next morning the couple who ran the orphanage took the baby and raised him in the orphanage, which already was in full capacity. Scyke often had to sleep on the floor because there wasn't any beds available, but that didn't matter to him. As far as he knew of life, he was always getting second-best of everything - because the couple were so close to the children who were already at the orphanage, Scyke was seen as an outsider, a liability. They didn't want to leave a baby outside in the cold, but they were running out of money, and so Scyke got far less things than the other kids did. At the time, Scyke called the couple who ran the place mum and dad, but when Scyke turned six the couple decided that enough was enough and told Scyke how his parents died and that he was in a orphanage home. Scyke didn't speak to anyone for a week afterwards.

After a boost in finances because of a plan from the Pokemon Association, the couple who ran the orphanage decided to expand the centre so that there was room for Pokemon to be more involved with the children. All of the girls went for the cute Pokemon like Cleffa and Pichu, while the boys went for the cool-looking Pokemon like Totodile and Aipom. However, there was one Pokemon which was left out; no one played with Murkrow, because it wasn't cute at all and boys deemed other Pokemon as much tougher. Except Scyke. Scyke walked over to Murkrow and started talking to him. Other kids noticed this and made fun out of Scyke; they told him that him and Murkrow were perfect for each other because they were both "ugly" and "weak". Scyke didn't take this lightly, but he didn't do anything. He just took Murkrow and walked out of the Pokemon area. The other kids continued playing with the other Pokemon while Sid and Murkrow hanged out in Scyke's bed. The two started forming a close bond to each other and when Scyke turned nine, he dreamed of leaving the orphanage and becoming a Pokemon trainer when he turned 10.

One day, a few weeks before Scyke turned 10, a mysterious man came to the orphanage and convinced the couple to let the older orphans to start learning about Pokemon battles and that he would take the one with the best ability to his "Pokemon Battle Academy". The couple was unsure at first, but gladly accepted when the man offered to teach it himself and that there wouldn't be a charge for anything. The man's reason? To give one of the orphans "the best education available for battling". Soon Scyke and some other children starting training with the mysterious man. He seemed interesting and friendly, and Scyke started really enjoying battling with Murkrow. The man was impressed with Scyke at how quickly he picked up the tips and tricks that he was taught, and decided to choose him to be trained further somewhere else. Scyke was delighted; finally he was about to move from a place he hated, and to make things better the couple let Scyke keep Murkrow because he was too attached to his trainer. A few days later, a car came and Scyke thought this was the day when he was to escape from everything and finally become a trainer.

But the man had different plans - he was actually one of Team Rocket's recruiters. Soon Scyke was thrown into a world of Pokemon theft without him even knowing. He was given a codename - Murr (because of his Murkrow) and Scyke contiuned his training where he left off in the orphanage, except this time around the training was more intense, harder and stricter than ever. If you put one step wrong, one of the teachers would snap a cane at you. No one was allowed to talk to each other and everyone had their own separate block and bed. Scyke was disciplined most of the time in lessons, but even so he couldn't escape a couple of bruises. After a couple of weeks every student was given a uniform with a strange huge R in the middle. No one knew what it meant. Scyke didn't care; although the school was tough, at least he wasn't being made fun out of and isolated like in the orphanage.

Four years after being enrolled in the strange school, Scyke was clearly excelling over everyone around him. His unbreakable bond with Murkrow and ability to be able to use a variety of Pokemon in lessons earned him a place in a special assembly, where Scyke and seven other students around his age were gathered. A man, who looked very fit and healthy for someone his age, stepped forward. He started explaining what the strange R was all about and everything about Team Rocket's ordeals. Then he explained about a special program that he was about to run: The Endowed Eight, or E8 in short. He explained that the eight most versatile and talented young Team Rocket members were to be chosen to be part of the program and was to have special benefits compared to the ordinary Rocket grunt. After hearing the man's speech, Scyke realised what he had got himself into, and he questioned himself about how he felt about Team Rocket stealing other people's Pokemon. Then he remembered no one accepting who he was in the orphanage. Team Rocket, although they have been strict and ordered, never has done anything to Scyke except when he had crossed the line sometimes. He started feeling somehow indebted to Team Rocket, and that he had to payback Team Rocket for helping him escape the orphanage and the hatred, even if he didn't really agree with Rocket's motives. And so, this made what now a fourteen year old Scyke, or his codename, Murr.

Personality: Due to his neglected childhood and no real father or mother figure, Scyke does not allow himself to trust anyone but Pokemon, especially his Murkrow. He doesn't talk much, but lets out his real emotions to his own Murkrow whenever they are alone. His only seen properly smiling and laughing whenever his battling or when his playing with his Murkrow. He doesn't feel depression with the fact that he never got to meet his parents because of that - he was never really attached to them in the first place. The only friend Scyke has ever properly had was his Murkrow, and he loved battling with the Pokemon he used in lessons; it's the only thing he has ever enjoyed. Scyke doesn't agree with Team Rocket calling Pokemon as weapons; rather, he would prefer to call them "partners" that work alongside each other.

Scyke does not have any leadership qualities at all, and he finds conversing with someone else socially difficult. However he can follow orders well and completed short missions from his lessons quickly and efficiently. When things go wrong Scyke can improvise accordingly but isn't very creative in his methods. He has a natural talent in Pokemon battles.

Starter Pokemon: Murkrow

Starter Name: (none)

Starter Gender: Male

Starter Description: Murkrow was one of the many Pokemon issued by the Pokemon Association in hopes to raise interest in Pokemon in orphanage homes so that the children had something to play with and to slowly introduce them into the world of Pokemon. Him and Scyke has been together for eight years (corresponding to the beginning of the RP). Scyke's Murkrow is a calm yet sneaky; he can keep his composure in any kind of situation and is reliable in missions and such. His very attached to Scyke, and because of this Team Rocket taught the move "Return" to Murkrow when Scyke first arrived in the training building.

Any other info: In the speech from the man who announced that Scyke was part of the E8, it was said that all the members were to gain a new Pokeman to mark their start of being part of the E8, and was to donate any of their old Pokemon to Team Rocket. At first Scyke was alarmed, but after finding out that one of the Pokeman was Murkrow, he came up with a plan to switch the Murkrow with his own. The swap went well and Team Rocket has no idea about it.
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