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    I improved my sign up and corrected spelling errors

    Originally Posted by flygonstorm View Post
    Real Name: James

    Real Age: 15

    Real Gender: male

    Personality: James is a kind, fun, friendly person, yet has away beenrather mature. He has a very social nature, with many friends and acquaintance.He was on good terms with almost everyone he knew. But despite this James didnot always let his true intention be known, for he was very self-consciousness.Information about himself that could harm his image was always avoided. Hetrusts most people unless they have done something to change his mind. Jamescan hold a grudge for a long time which sometimes hurts him. He is smart butprocrastinates a lot. The procrastination was due to it seeming that everythinghad been done before. It also made him long for an adventure. He tends to playit safe and would investigate everything to make sure that he would not missany hidden treasure. James interests lie in science, fiction, and videogames.The videogames he played where manly turn-base and strategy. He had slowreactiontime and likes to think thing through first. He had a strange taste inmusic that covers a large range of genre. When James was a he would mutter tohimself.

    History: James was born in California USA, but moved formost of hischildhood through the West Coast. At seven years old, his family moved for thelast time to Oakland which is right next to San Francisco. He wasthe youngestof three children. James’s father worked in retail, which is where he learnedhis people skills. The family was avid hikers. James has playedPokémon since hewas just a little boy. His first Pokémon game was Blue but he did not get goodat it until ruby. He continually played Pokémon for his childhood, but stopwatching it around diamond and pearl. One of his mostly played Pokémon gameswas Pokémon: Gale of Darkness which is where his avatar's name originates. Hedid well in his academic getting B in his few honors classes. He was able topersuade his parent to buy him the game as an advance birthday present.Extremely excited He set up his account and logged on thefirst day it wasopened.

    Avatar Name: Gale

    Avatar Age: 15

    Avatar Gender: male

    Avatar Appearance: Avatar Appearance: Gale was designed to be the perfect James, or at least in appearance. Gale stood at five feet six inches, four more inches than James’s actual height. His weight was one hundred and twenty pounds which was more than James weight. The eye color was a light brown with a green tint. Like his hair, Gale’s hair was also a light brown. Because they did not have James’s natural hair style, Gale had a short, professional hair style.

    For clothing he had chosen black jean, and a dark blue button up shirt. In contrast his shoes where a bright neon green. the only reason for that decision was the fact that they where runing shoes. He hoped that if he pressed the B button he could run faster. James also equipped Gale with a one strap backpack so he would not ruin the emersion.His backpack was a bright red, with small silver feathers for zippers. It had two large pocket and a small side pocket.
    Starter Pokémon:
    • Makuhita
    • Lv 8
    • gender- male
    • ability- Thick Fat
    • move set Tackle/ Focus Energy/ Sand Attack/ Arm Thrust
    Roleplay Sample: (I really don’t have one, I RPed on the Pokémonwebsitebefore. I have just found this site and am hoping I can join here is anexampleof how I would post)

    It started off like any other day; James got up late, almost left some homework, and wentto school. There was little talk about the new online game MAO, but James was thrilled about it. Each class seemed grew longer and longer as it got closer to the end of school. When he got home, James went to his room. “I do have a lot of homework but I’ll do that later, I won’t play to long.” He muttered to himself.

    “Link start!” He yelled as he enters the game. He panted as it was the first time he used a nerve gear. When he opened his eyes he was speechless. The wind gentle caressed his face. The grass at his feet was green and fresh. As He walked around the town everything seemed real. the wood the trees and all the other people gave the town life. James smiled and made small talk to the NPC. He pinched himself to make sure he was notdreaming.”Ow,” James proclaimed. He thought it strange that one would feel pain in a video game, Pokémon none the less. The thought quickly left his mind just by the pure awe from the town.

    After a while, he got tired of running around town, so James went to Professor Elm’s laboratory. Strangely instead of getting one on the three starter Pokémon he was given a Makuhita. James was puzzled by this until he came to the conclusion that it would be weird if everyone had one of three Pokémon in there team. He nick named the Makuhita Jitsu because of the Jujitsu classes he had taken in the past. After deciding that it was time to go do homework, James opened menu forthe first time. He tried navigating it but he could not find the log out button. He walked outside of the laboratory not worrying about anything.

    James walked over to a circle of people. “Hey,” he said to the strangers. The strangers turned around some of them had serious faces while other looked like they were about to cry. James smile disappeared from his face. Hesitantly He asked “Do you know how to log out?” He already knew the answer by their faces.

    One walk toward him and bluntly said, “There is no log out for this game.”
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