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The fact is, the allowance of swearing is a slippery slope to a kind of forum that PC is not meant to be. Don't be an idiot (this is directed at anyone), cursing leads to hostility and the supreme court ruled against it in media for a reason. If we allow 13 year olds on this site then we abide by that law, because while we're not under it, we are in the same bracket.

Allowing this forum to use profanity would be assuming that they know how to use it. And for a community who got reputation disabled, I don't hold up much hope. Then there's the fact that some of the most common infraction reasons are disrespect to members and censor bypass, put two and two together there. We're a Pokémon community, and outside of that we discuss every day things. Why you would need to curse in your post is beyond me. Whip out a thesaurus if you're that stuck.

In media, profanity is counted as nudity and swearing. Whether you have one or the other your rating goes to a higher age group. So if we disable a filter, people have as much reason to argue that nudity should be allowed. Use your head, just because YOU curse does not mean that it's suitable for an entire forum of multiple age groups to see it.

The only alternative is to have a filter toggle. Where you accept terms of service to allow curse words to be seen or not seen. But that would be inconsistent and still contradict with the fact we don't allow nudity.

Read about social media profanity, curse words and nudity are not found on what this entire forum is based on, and thus, should not be found in the community. Go find another forum to appease your language use.
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