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Finished my run! Boo yah! Time for the details.

- So after rematching strong trainers again and again and again, finally managed to get everyone in my team to LVL 60.

- While doing this, I did the whole Spiritomb ritual thing with my friend and caught Spiritomb. Nickname: Creepsta.

- Did the same grinding with Creepsta, eventually getting him up to speed with the rest of the team.

- Went to challenge the E4. Brought many Max Potions, Full Heals and some Full Restores.

- After some trouble with Bertha and Flint, beat the living crap out of Lucian and continued to see Cynthia.

- Lemme tell you, there's a reason Cynthia is the second best champion in the Pokemon series. (Next to Red, of course)

- Finally beat Cynthia with good old Mistress the Honchkrow. Entered the Hall of Fame, yadayadayada.

Final Team:

Species: Honchkrow
Type: Dark/Flying
Gender: Female
Level: 62

Species: Houndoom
Type: Dark/Fire
Gender: Male
Level: 61

Species: Drapion
Type: Poison/Dark
Gender: Female
Level: 60

Species: Weavile
Type: Dark/Ice
Gender: Female
Level: 61

Species: Umbreon
Type: Dark
Gender: Male
Level: 60

Species: Spiritomb
Type: Ghost/Dark
Gender: Female
Level: 62

So, basically, I'm done. And I even managed to get a full team! Good job, me! This is also the first time I've managed to beat Platinum, as every other time I got bored.