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    Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
    Oh snap, it seems like I made a mistake, I meant to say that 3 was the lie. XD oops

    Anyway, I love squid! the first one was false, I usually drink milk or tea in the morning.

    Ehh..I'm not sure I believe the second one...

    [1] I don't have a driver's license yet.
    [2] Sleeping dogs is IMO the best game of 2012.
    [3] I like dogs more than cats.
    Mine was the first one.

    You don't like Sleeping dogs?

    1. I suffer from relentless depression
    2. My favorite KH OST is Terra's theme from BBS
    3. I'm pretty sure that if God really existed, he'd look like like a glorified Arceus