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    Originally Posted by Androm5da View Post
    I am not a scripter, I need help to get started. And my questions are not in the wiki.
    I dont ask for day night battles, I ask for events which dont happen at day and are just seeable in night...
    I think you are confusing eventing and scripting. Scripting is done in the script editor. Events are made in the map editor when in the events tab.

    To make an event only show up at night is really simple. Just make an event, and in the top left area where it says conditions, check one of the Switch boxes, and select the switch that says something like DayNight is Night. It looks a bit different than what I typed, but there are about 5 switches like it, that all have different endings like isNight, isDay, isMorning, isEvening etc. this way, the event will only show up if the time is day, night, morning, etc.

    However, if you haven't set up Metadata for the map, time won't change on it.

    Also just an FYI all of this IS on the wiki.

    I attached a picture I took of the second page which has a list of all the global switches and what they do. I took the picture of the ones that deal with day/night times.
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