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Okay Scarf sorry if my instructions were not clear.

By reverse order and in brackets I mean this -

There are ten brackets each will consist of ten decided upon songs. The order of these songs will go from the highest numbered song in that bracket to the lowest, with the higher numbers having less votes that the lower ones.

As for how this works, you raise a valid point that I forgot to consider. My original idea of simply not voting for songs you don't think belong in that tier is probably not the fairest/most accurate. I suggest that if numerous people suggest a song should be higher, it simply get knocked to the next tier. Suggestions?

Edit: A more specific way of what I have said, if three comments suggest a song should be pushed to a higher tier (before voting) then that song is pushed to the next bracket and does not count towards the person who nominated its count for the higher tier but still does for the lower. How does that sound?

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