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Name: Parvati Patil

Age: 16


Parvati can be described as a small but pretty young woman. She's of an average height and is very thin. She has tanned skin and big brown eyes. Her hair is black and put up into a large wavy ponytail that is curled on the ends and goes down to her waist. She has faint scars on her back that are only noticeable if someone is looking for them. Since Parvati is of Indian descent she dresses in a crop top that starts in a light orange and darkens as it reaches the bottom. She has see through long sleeves that are a light orange as well. She wears a matching skirt that goes to the floor, like the shirt it starts in a light orange and darkens as it goes down, at the knees the skirt changes to the same see through material as her sleeves. On her feet she wears a pair of dark orange flat shoes.

History: Parvati grew up the younger of a set of twins in an abusive household. Her mother Tanya was never around, she threw herself into her job as a Nurse and was never around before she abandoned the family when Parvati and her twin Padma were five years old. Her father Amar was an abusive alcholic who spent all his time gambling. He blamed Padma and Parvati for their mother leaving and took his frustration out on them when he wasn't at the bar or the casino. By the time Parvati was 14 her father had killed her twin sister in a fit of rage and was put in jail leaving Parvati on her own.

Put into the foster care system for the next two years she lived in a total of fifteen different houses. Never staying in one place for too long. Finally when she was 16 years old her new foster father was a member of Team Rocket named Dennis Wade. After a few days of observing Parvati's cold and distrusting attitude he saw the potential in her and introduced her to the world of Team Rocket. Parvati saw the chance to make something of herself and worked hard eventually rising to the level of E8.

Personality: Parvati is a very cold and untrusting person. Due to her abusive childhood, followed by being moved from foster home to foster home for two years she locks away her emotions. She doesn't let anyone else see if she is scared, sad, angry, or even happy. She always has a calm facial expression and a cold look in her eyes. Some could describe her as an ice queen with the way she acts. Having been hurt so much as a little girl with no one doing anything to help her and her mother leaving her at a young age it's understandable that she has issues trusting people.

Parvati doesn't let anyone get close to her for fear of getting hurt, but she won't make that obvious. Part of her cold attitude is a defense mechanism. Though a part of her is determined to make something of herself. She was always told she would never ammount to anything. Well..she'd show them. Parvati loves the color orange of all shades and is a vegetarian. She only eats fruits, veggies, and dairy and egg products. She has a natural talent for being intimidating.

Starter Pokemon: Roselia

Starter Name: Kiri

Starter Gender: Female

Starter Description: Kiri can be a little rash at times and headstrong. If Parvati tells her to do something but Kiri thinks of a better way to do it, most of the time the Roselia will do it her way, even if she's in the wrong. Another thing about Kiri is that she sees through her trainers attitude and wants to develop a strong bond with her trainer no matter how hard she has to try.

Any other info: none

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