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Originally Posted by jstolze View Post
Just what? If you're going to say something negative about this hack, you have no room to talk. Have you even made any hacks?
Your assumptions are good and you should feel good. Anyway the storyline is pretty enjoyable and the graphics are good. Overall this hack is pretty good, but I feel like the distribution of difficulty could be done a little better. I don't know if this applies to others, but I feel like as I'm playing through it, I'm either over leveled or under leveled. And you don't really find many good items throughout the map, but then you turn around and there's a building where you can buy everything you can think of for insanely low prices. I just think this could be evened out more. Also I know this has probably been said before but not having to teach the starter cut would be really helpful or making the move deleter available sooner. Still overall a good hack though
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