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    Originally Posted by Keruso View Post
    i should listen to the Money more often
    "lol" :cer_laugh:

    Originally Posted by Kirozane View Post

    It chose to shine! If I had to estimate it was around 1500 SRs to get the beauty. She's impish nature, but I'm just happy I got it. It really turned around my day.
    Congrats!! I'm sorry about whatever else happened, but finding a shiny (especially a really awesome one like that) is always a great way to shine up your day.

    Originally Posted by Kirozane View Post
    Wish me luck~
    Good luck!

    Originally Posted by Samurott01 View Post
    I have a question, though it may already be answered: can I use RNG abuse to find shinies?
    Welcome to the club! You can RNG if you want to and we're not going to stop you from posting in the club, but as Kirozane said, it's not really fun. I know for sure that I don't enjoy it, and I'd highly recommend hunting shinies through one of the tougher methods, like SRing or MMing.

    Originally Posted by Arceus Whisper View Post
    the disagreement we had about how cute charm effects shininess I gave up and went to Diglett, but after seeing several hunters on YT get shiny female Combee I figured cute charm does in fact not effect shininess so I will return to that.
    This is really interesting. I hadn't heard anything about this before you posted this, so I looked it up and read some threads where other people debated it. It's always fun to read new stuff about shiny chances - thanks for posting about it, Arceus!

    It appears that Cute Charm might have an affect on shininess, but only if your lead Pokemon has it. It's sort of like how having your lead have Synchronize can influence the nature of the Pokemon you find, but a wild Pokemon having Synchronize won't do anything to influence the already-set natures of your party's Pokemon.

    Then again, the stuff I read on Cute Charm was mostly from this thread which is in the context of RNGing, so Cute Charm might work differently there than it does in normal settings. This post seems to say that if your hidden ID has a certain connection to your Trainer ID, then Cute Charm would improve your chances. But since we have absolutely no idea what our hidden IDs are, this shouldn't be relevant. The only possible implication is that if our two IDs don't have a certain relation, then finding shinies would be harder, but if our IDs do have the necessary relation, then finding shinies would be easier. Again, I think this has to do with having the lead Pokemon in your party have Cute Charm, but it doesn't sound like wild Pokemon with Cute Charm would have their probabilities changed.

    So it seems like:

    1) having a Cute Charm Pokemon as your lead may affect shiny chances in 4th gen, and
    2) it will either raise or lower your chances of finding a shiny based upon some difference between your Trainer ID and your hidden ID. Therefore,
    3) because we don't know what our hidden IDs are, much less how they relate to our Trainer IDs, this doesn't really change things. However, having a Cute Charm Pokemon might increase some of the risk of shiny hunting, as you might have a higher chance of finding shinies and you might have a much lower chance of finding shinies.
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