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Just recently, I decided to continue my long-neglected Emerald file because I really need to fill up my White 2 Pokedex. In this file, I started with Selda, a female Mudkip, and I didn't catch any other Pokemon until I hit Route 116, where I caught Lola the Skitty.

Currently, I am using my new Mach Bike in order to hatch Shroomish eggs. Since Shroomish doesn't learn Spore until Level 54, I figured it would be a better idea to breed one with the attack rather than wait until Level 54 to get a Breloom. XD

Trainer name: Elke (female)

Current Party:

Selda the Marshtomp (Adamant female, Level 25)

Lola the Skitty (Jolly female, Level 21 - due to the five Shroomish eggs in my party, she's boxed for now)

3DS FC: 2165-7396-9005
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