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    I just started playing your game, because it looks truly awesome!
    But there seems to be one quite irritating thing in my game: whenever I have to choose between options, it is really difficult to get behind the first option. It starts as soon as the new game - option menu pops up, but it becomes quite crucial to go further than the "info controls" menu. The red arrow seems to stick around the first option, sometimes it just flickers to the next option whenever I try to go to that option, but the time that the red arrow stays at the next option just last for a couple tenths of a second.

    With some luck I was able to get to name my character and I had no problems using the arrow keys, so there seems to be no problem with my arrow keys but with the menu control.

    Furthermore, even if I disable my antivirus it seems if I am not able to extract a couple of things out of the rar file. Like the audio map the ini file and all of the dll files, they seem to disappear whenever I extract the rar file, maybe it is possible that this problem causes the almost not being able to pick another option than the first option.
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