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    Team Twisted


    Hello members of PC, I am Shadowraikou and I joined PC because I love all of the famous Pokémon hacks e.g. Liquid Crystal, Blaze Black 2, Dark Rising etc. I was inspired to make Hoenn Remake by playing all the remakes, Liquid Crystal and Pokémon Blaze Black 2 which made hacking 5th gen possible. The hack’s name is going to be named “Pokémon Twisted Emerald” which is going to have some elements returned to the hack remake. I am hoping that people will enjoy this hack remake.

    Current Project:

    Pokemon: Twisted Emerald (Black 2 hack)


    In a region far away from Unova and just south of Sinnoh, there laid a region named Hoenn. You are a ten years old boy/girl who just moved from a city named Olivine City because your father decided to have an interview to become a gym leader. You moved to a quiet and calm town called Littleroot Town. You go on an adventure to battle gym leaders and deal with two villains at the main game and two villains at post game and stop them for completing their villainous plan.


    A Pokémon league tournament before battling the elite four
    A new gym leader
    Two new villains
    Cameos to other regions trainers, e.g. Lucas, Ethan, Youngster Joey etc.
    Some new Routes and cities
    Return of Battle Frontier
    Some new sprites
    Able to play as May/Brendan
    Some Pokémon’s have either changed stats, moveset etc. e.g. Flareon gets Flare Blitz like it was supposed to.
    Some scripts from trainers return and some are new.
    Some of Hoenn’s storyline has been adjusted
    Some unexpected stuff might happen
    New tiles
    You can go to Unova

    Help Wanted:

    Remix and add a couple of new musics
    Script editing
    Editing sprites and over world sprites
    A banner to represent Twisted Emerald
    A beta Tester
    Map editor, I need help making the whole Hoenn region.

    Team Members:
    Me: Story plot and Black 2
    Lavamon: Spriting, Banner Maker
    Gangonputi: Beta tester
    Galooloo: Music and scripter

    Application File:

    Skills: (What you’re good at, mapping scripting etc.)
    Applying As: (Like what you’re going to do to help Twisted Emerald)
    Proof: (Not necessarily needed but will be appreciated so that I can know your skills)
    Contact Info:

    Final Words: If you have anything to ask me, please don’t hesitate to ask and if you have any suggestions for the storyline, features or anything else there then please ask.