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    Originally Posted by EnglishMilkshake View Post
    Is the only way not to use cuss words at all? No seriously, it's almost impossible to not censor bypass.
    Huh... y'know, I write an awful lot, and I've never found that to be the case. I manage to express whatever it is that I'm trying to express, even rage if appropriate, without having to bypass a censor to do it. Most of the time, I do it by simply using other words (there are literally millions of them available, so a handful of grossly overused obscenities here and there aren't going to make or break my ability to express myself), but if it's really appropriate and nothing else will do, I just ****ing go ahead and use the ****ing swear words anyway and let them get ****ing censored and count on the audience to be able to figure out what the **** I'm saying anyway.

    So no - it's in fact quite possible to not bypass the censor. In fact, it's much easier to not bypass it and just let it do its job, or better yet, to find some other words with which to express yourself so it doesn't even matter one way or the other.
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