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I hate Smeargle.
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Aaaaand the water monotype again.
- Azurill evolved into Azumarill (it evolves so soon!)
- Burgh kept wiping the floor with me thanks to his Leavanny so of course, I had to go grind. Defeated him after I got a lucky critical hit and OHKO'd it.
- Defeated all the trainers I could reach before defeating Elesa
- Defeated Elesa with just Azumarill (that's what happens when you keep using Volt Switch, hah)

Current team:
Azumarill Lv. 37
BubbleBeam|Strength|Aqua Tail|Water Sport

Samurott Lv. 36
Razor Shell|Return|Aqua Jet|Revenge
Terriermon and Lopmon

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