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Kion Gavin - Classroom 13

Gavin looked back at the teacher with a fierce snarl. He was sure he would do something drastic if he stayed in the teacher's presence, so he turned his head to the door and left. He made his way outside, finding shelter on a wall covered and in the shade cast off by another building. He could hardly contain himself, which was certainly uncharacteristic of him, as he was normally quite reserved. While he was angry, it was strange for him to show his anger in such a crass manner. He didn't regret it, though; it needed to be said. Still, he wasn't calm, he was still incredibly angry, and he needed to let it out somehow. He thought of ways, but they were unsavory and ones that he would not act on.

He looked down and noticed that his left hand was shining brightly. It terrified him, what he saw. His seal glove had been burned to cinders, only left intact in places that the flames could not reach. The flames themselves were not read...they were black, and the hexagram was a glowing yellow color. What was worse: he didn't know how to stop it. He looked around for something to put his hand in, and found a fountain nearby. He bolted towards it and immersed his hand in water as if it were a fish out of its habitat.

He was relieved for the moment...until the water started to bubble. He was boiling the water! He didn't have any other choice but to use his own magic to counteract the situation. He said, "Suita" in a anxiety-filled voice, and the water started to turn to ice. All of the fountain, save for the water flowing from the top, had frozen into a solid. He could see that the flames were trying their hardest to revert the ice to its previous state, but the pain of the cold as well as the temperature itself was besting Gavin, and finally, the glow subsided.

Gavin let out a heavy sigh and tried to pull his hand out, but to no avail. He would no doubt get frostbite if his hand remained down there, and he wasn't going to risk using fire magic to thaw the water; not yet. He looked around, hoping there would be someone to help him out of his predicament. He looked back towards the school building and noticed that there was a boy that seemed to be looking for someone. He looked familiar; Gavin assumed that he was one of his classmates. He waved his hands in his direction and yelled, "Hey you! Can you give me a hand!?"
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