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Killa T - Can't Hide Forever

They want us to be blind forever
They ain't that strong if we ride together
But, they think that can never happen, got a brain trap then wash in the fashion
Rap to pop, and the have us locked
On every dollar that we spend on war
On every channel that we stand to watch
On every artists beats and bar
I'm sick of it, but they so far deep in theyre brains that we can't get rid of it
It's ridiculous, how they got us all to just stick to script
Wrist to wrist invisibly hand cuffs
I don't know about yall, but I ain't stayin sure
Yea you know what they doin to the people that refuse to play by the rules but I had enough
Obama ain't helpin ****
All the govt. is some selfish pricks
But every year we go out and vote
On some ******** we don't even know
Right now, we can't go toe to toe
But with the right info anythings possible
So, let's just get your mind right and we'll fight back when the times right
And if we get to the limelight, they can try and end our eye sight
They makin this **** so blatant
But never givin us the real statement
Don't be surprised if the world really ends and the new world order finally begins
The more they win, the more we sin
Think we good? Think again

America, this isn't far enough I've had it up to here with the damage and the rot character
So stop this noise were not at war we are the war
Blood sucking carnivores, wont stop until we all are poor
Our rights are being stripped can we fight you see this ****
Every night we feed the sicks breathing sick and bring the cyths
Soap our hopes together, na **** the latter
Broke folks, old folks, any folks don't matter
From the batman killers to suffer
Hope your down for this roller coaster soldier
Sanity, only thing we can hold onto
They can destroy anything if they want to

That's not all the lyrics but what I feel every single day. I'm one of the very few like Killa T that isn't brainwashed in society. Obama isn't what you people make him out to be. He's nothing but a puppet, and the government is destroying our country but everybody is too brainwashed and blind to realize it. Yea hate one me all you want cuz idgaf. He didn't make this song for nothin, he made it to send a message and still mother****ers are blind.
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